Crafting Memories: Why Valentine’s Paint and Sip is the Ultimate Gift

Make a Valentine’s Memory 

Making a Valentine’s Day memory can be a challenge.  A romantic dinner, a dozen roses, and a box of chocolates are traditional and expected. This year, why not make a new Valentine’s Day memory?  Treat your someone special to something unique, unexpected, and memorable.  The perfect treat is a Valentine’s paint and sip night or paint class at Cheers N Paint!

Our time is filled with work, school, schedules, responsibilities.  Social media and cell phones pull us from face-to-face conversations.  Time to take a breath.  Reconnect with your “someone special” and enjoy doing something different together.  Painting together is creative and requires cooperation. You’ll talk and laugh and relax and enjoy as you create a memorable masterpiece. 

Couple Valentine'S Paint And Sip Painting Of Two Birds On A Blue Canvas In Cary, Nc.

Time for Couples Painting

Our Valentine’s Day Couples canvases are unique.  Each person paints one canvas and when hung together they make a complete masterpiece.  Not an artist?  Don’t worry, our artist instructors will lead you step by step so even the most novice painter can be proud of their final piece of art.  Those timid artists are generally the last to leave the class as they get so caught up in their painting and are impressed by how well their artwork came out.

We love watching couples connect as they tackle their painting. The challenge and fun of this sip and paint class is seeing how couples communicate and relax as they work through the creative process together.  Don’t forget to commemorate the occasion by signing and dating your artwork.

Our studio takes on a special atmosphere for Valentine’s Day.  Everyone is happy, enjoying time spent with a loved one.  Music is playing.  The studio is set with tables for two.  A complimentary champagne toast and chocolates are offered.  Customers come with special foods and drinks they love and enjoy these goodies while they paint and party. Cheers N Paint is a BYOB studio, and you are welcome to bring your favorite beverage including beer, wine, cider, seltzers (alcohol less than 16% proof) as well as snacks.  


What’s Special Valentine’s Paint and Sip Class

Valentine’s Day is for romance.  And one Valentine’s Day paint and sip class was an especially romantic one for a couple.  That customer decided this was the perfect place to “pop the question”.  At the end of the class, he proposed, and she said yes.  We were in on the secret and very excited to celebrate with the happy couple along with all the customers in the studio.  Talk about making a memory!

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Kissing in the Rain Couples Painting Sip and Paint Class

Red Love Birds (couples painting) : Sip and Paint In Studio Class

Little Splatters: Candy Hearts In Studio Paint Class

What’s New

Our studio is newly renovated and spacious, so everyone has plenty of space to enjoy their evening.  No crowded restaurant tables or long wait times for a meal. Reserve your ticket to the class in advance.  We limit the number of customers at each painting event for your comfort and to make sure there is plenty of space for you and any food and drink you might bring.

We make planning simple, easy, and relaxing.  The focus is on you having a great time with your date! It’s also affordable, and you’ll enjoy your favorite food and drink. That’s not all. The Cheers N Paint staff created some new paintings this year for this special day.  You can select from Red Love Birds, Love by the Beach, or Kissing in the Rain.  We are also offering a few of our more popular canvases: Mama and Baby Snuggling Elephants, Valentine Gnome, and Candy Hearts.

Valentine’s Day is For All

Valentine’s Day is not just for couples.  That special someone in your life may be a friend, relative, or child.  There are Valentine’s canvases that you will enjoy painting, too.  Daytime classes are planned to make it more convenient for some.  We know you are busy.  We offer our Valentine’s Day canvases on various dates at the beginning of February, not only on the 14th, to fit your schedule.

Color your world this February at our art studio.  Come in, relax, and enjoy time doing something special. Best of all, you’ll leave with a canvas that will be a reminder of the great time you shared.

Make a special connection and a memory with paint!

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