Summer Art Camp in Cary

Cheers N Paint Summer Art Camp has reopened after our family took a satisfying 4th of July week away with family from CT and NC.  We love art and our children and grandchildren enjoyed coloring together even during our vacation!  But now it’s time to get back to our family business and to resume our summer art camps.
Summer Art With Cheers N Paint Family
The best news is over 90 campers attended summer art camp in June and the coming weeks are on track to be just as successful.
In our first week back from vacation, 20 campers joined us for Its a Bugs Life.  Many of them are repeat customers!
Kids love bugs! It’s a Bug’s Life, a very successful summer art camp theme from our prior year offerings. Campers love to explore the wonders created by some of the smallest creatures on planet earth.  While they can expect to paint a few of their favorite little bugs, Cheers N Paint Summer Art Camps are about more than painting.  We will be encouraging campers to create “bug” art through various mediums.  Clay-sculpted critters, a beaded lizard keychain, a transparent window painting are a few examples.  Tie-dying their camp shirt in the color scheme of your favorite bug(s) is a Friday highlight for our campers.

Building Confidence through Summer Art Camp

One thing is for sure campers will be exercising their imagination, employing, and expanding their painting skills, finding inspiration from the bugs around us, and most importantly using their creativity to create memories with their newly made friends.  The benefits of summer art camp go beyond art, and we see our campers grow in confidence, independence, and creativity all while having fun in a relaxed and friendly environment.
Summer art camp continues for 8 more weeks, so if you missed It’s a Bugs Life the summer art camp lineup continues with diverse offerings from next week’s camp, Time Travelers (July 17-21), and our last July offering Color Me Green (July 24-28).
Confident Kids At Summer Art Camp 2023 In Cary, Nc At Cheers N Paint Art Studio

How to Choose the Right Summer Art Camp for Your Child

Moving from inspiration offered by bugs, the smallest and most prolific life forms on earth, to Time Travelers (July 17-21) presents a new challenge and opportunity for our campers. Campers explore the ice age, medieval times, and the wild west this week.
There will be opportunities to create art representing past times travel periods that kids love. Campers will experience new art techniques such as acrylic flow pour art, a new favorite.  As with every camp week, Friday is tie-dye day, and it is always an adventure to see how that simple process produces so many memorable moments for Cheers N Paint campers.
But as July comes to a close, and we turn the calendar to August Cheers N Paint still has 5 weeks of camp remaining.

What to Expect at Summer Art Camp with Cheers n Paint

Our summer art camp is conveniently located in Cary off RT 55 near High House Road.  The studio is air-conditioned, and we limit our headcount to ensure kids are comfortable and have space to create and play.  Our professional staff have a background in art and elementary education and our counselors are local high school and college students who love art and kids.  Several of them have worked with us for 2 or 3 years.
Summer Art Camp In Cary At Cheers N Paint
We look forward to seeing your children at one or several of our summer art camps. You can learn more about them on our summer art camp page on our website which is also where you can register for summer art camps.  Remember, space is limited to act now to sign up for your favorite week(s).  Feel free to stop by the studio Monday through Friday and see what all the fun is about!


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