Cheers N Paint experienced a unique phenomenon in the period between Thanksgiving and New Years’ 2020 as we have delivered a large number of Live Virtual Parties via our Zoom Rooms to friends, families, and business associates.  These groups all had two things in common; they were separated by significant geographic distance and they wanted to stay connected.

Folks were looking for ways to stay connected and make their holiday happy and special.  Some of our more memorable paint party stories are about; a business team of over twenty with colleagues located in NC and  UT, a  Fairfield University Alumni Group of nine ladies, including some of their grown children,  who decided to have a virtual holiday party in their homes spread out from North Carolina to Massachusetts and a family, unable to travel,  and celebrate their traditional Christmas holiday, decided to start a new tradition and brought three generations, ages 5 to 65, together to paint Olaf the Snowman.

The groups and their motivations were different but all of them found a way to reconnect, relax, and have fun together around a paint event delivered by Cheers N Paint.  

We expect the challenges of 2020 will fade as we move on to the promise of the New Year and 2021, at Cheers N Paint we hope that will mean more face-to-face reconnections for us all but when the spirit moves you when you just want to celebrate or enjoy loved ones, we want you to know we are here to help you connect.  The necessity of 2020 has allowed us to develop processes designed to deliver for our customers anywhere in the lower 48 states, when it’s time to connect we are ready, willing, and able to deliver a fun, relaxing event with memories to last a lifetime.