Cheers N Paint, as a matter of necessity, developed a live virtual paint classes so we could offer the fun
and relaxation of our events to those who were uncomfortable coming to in-studio events.
What we found was an eager and ready local market for our live virtual offerings and have delivered
friend events, birthday parties and family paint parties to groups throughout the Triangle.
An unanticipated market emerged as a result of our live virtual offering. It happened when we were
asked by a customer to deliver a birthday party that included participants in multiple states and cities.
In typical Cheers N Paint fashion, we explored additional cost, researched the shipping times required
and quickly agreed to terms with our customer. Best news of all we delivered a highly successful event.
We have leveraged that success and are offering live virtual events to groups of six (6) or more painters.
To ensure exceptional delivery we have expanded our online capabilities, increased our technology
investments and are currently testing capacity to ensure we can offer multiple events simultaneously.
Our objective is to bring together individuals who are geographically distant and incapable of gathering
due to current world events.
Prior to the event date we deliver paint kits (pre-sketched canvas, paints, brushes, etc.). Recommended
shipping time for most locations is five-days. On the day of the event we will host your group for what is
typically a two-hour paint class, if you want added social time before or after the event just ask, we can
arrange that too.
At Cheers N Paint we understand it’s all about fun, relaxation and now reconnecting friends and family.