Making Memories with Paint to a Local Cause

Cheers N Paint has only been open for a year and despite our business struggles (Thank You Covid) we are better off than many others and have always felt a need to contribute to the local communities we serve.  As owners of a small, family business, we decided to select a local cause and direct our charitable efforts in a personal and local way. Kathy and I were discussing the possibility of co-sponsoring a fundraising event with our Garner client, Good Times Arcade and Tavern. In the meantime, our daughter and resident artist, Lauren called and told us her husband worked with the mom at WRAL (the local TV broadcast provider) who lost her child and was so badly injured by a dog attack in Garner. That made our decision easy.

Lauren quickly got in touch with the owner of Good Times who offered his venue free of charge along with a percentage of the bar and food bills from the event.  We decided to offer the paint class for a reduced price and committed 100% of the proceeds to the family.  The goal was to increase participation any way possible.  We advised our marketing consultant to heavily promote the event and the GO FUND ME page that was set up for the family, Good Times added it to their internal advertising.

In the end 17 painters participated and we collected a total of $340.00 from the paint event. But Cheers N Paint wanted the payoff to be greater so as owners Kathy and I matched that contribution fifty cents on a dollar making the total raised by Cheers N Paint $510.00.  A check was written to ceremoniously recognize the event.  That check was given to Lauren for her memory box and $510.00 was contributed to the family’s GO FUND ME page. 

Since Cheers N Paint prides itself on making memories, the artist’s painting of ”Country Sunset” from that event was signed by Lauren and given to one of the WRAL employees.   We thought the WRAL family might want to sign the canvas and present it to the mom in Memory of Jayden.  



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