Making Memories Again with Family and Friends

Making Memories Again with Family and Friends

Life, in general, is heading back to normal and its inevitable families and friends will begin to look for ways to come together.  Sharing a meal or a day at the beach are great ways to share a day but if your interested in making a memory it might be time to look at Cheers N Paint.  At Cheers N Paint we never stopped finding ways to connect families, friends and business colleagues using our live virtual art events and arranging smaller group events in the Cheers N Paint studio.  

We delivered a positive experience and made memories with every group we engaged.  Whether it was 8-10 friends gathering virtually to celebrate a special birthday, a local Cary based family connecting from our studio to family and friends across the country or 50-100 business colleagues or college alums connecting via our studio and/or services, there was one consistent deliverable; create a memorable event.  

As a small, family-owned business (not a franchise), Cheers N Paint leveraged our flexibility, creativity, and integrity to deliver wildly memorable events at every opportunity.

As things move closer to normal, we want everyone to know we will continue to offer all the new-fangled zoom room events but are also capable of opening our studio for larger parties and the hugs that often come with face-to-face reunions.  Our Cheers N Paint studio is approved to seat up to 80 and available for groups of 8 or more.  We’ll even come to your backyard, family room or neighborhood pavilion for a “paint at your place” event.  If not everyone can join live and in person we are experienced in adding virtual groups to our studio events and have serviced artists from California to Connecticut, feel free to make your event  as inclusive as you desire, after all its always about helping you make memories!!! 



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