Art Classes in Cary Fueled by Customer Satisfaction and Creativity in 2024

Looking to start the new year with art classes in Cary? As Cheers N Paint move into 2024, we are looking forward to our most successful year since we opened our doors in 2020.  Refreshed by visiting family over the holidays we are planning to use that energy to fuel us in our early 2024 push toward success.  

Most businesses measure success in terms of the profits and while we are certainly driven by profits at Cheers N Paint, we believe if you deliver for your customers the profits will follow. It is customer satisfaction that drives the bus, only you can drive our business forward.  In fact, our recent summer camp sign ups (yes people are already planning camps for their kids!) indicate most of our campers are either returning campers or were referred to us by a friend.  Very good news for us!

Why do we value customer satisfaction at Cheers N Paint?  

Owning a small family business that is not a franchise gives us the freedom to run things the way we want.  We decide what we value in building our business. What an opportunity we’ve had for a second career in the arts and entertainment business.  We get to make people happy, join in their special celebrations, watch customers create and enjoy making art, and see kids grow in their love of art at our weekly classes.

Art Class for Kids in Cary in 2024

Our daughter runs the day-to-day operations at the studio and is one of our artist instructors.  Being able to see her career develop as a businesswoman while doing something she loves is a homerun.  Her background in children’s education and fine arts led her to this career.  But honestly, her love of art started when she was very young and attended weekly art classes at a local artist’s home-based business.  In fact, her experience there was so important the first program added to our studio was the Little Splatters art classes for kids.  

Little Splatters Art Class

Little Splatters has proven to be a great addition to our public offerings.  Splatters is geared to school-aged children who love to paint and has grown from one class to two classes per week, offering options and flexibility to our customers.  It has gone from a pay-as-you-go to membership tuition with significant discounts for being a member. 

Little Splatters Paint Class

From Little Splatters, we began offering an advanced class.  This class is by invitation only and was developed to allow young artists the flexibility of exploring their personal style with the support of an accomplished artist when needed but without any expectations on the part of the artist.  All I can say is I have seen the work these young people create and am so impressed with their talent and creativity.   

A bonus for these children is that art classes help unlock the right side of their brains, allowing them to take the technical skills learned in STEAM disciplines and develop creative applications for what they have learned.  The goal is to help our young artists to Dream, Imagine, Inspire, and Create.

Art Class For Pet Portrait

But back to business.  January signals a high-stress period for small businesses as the planning for the upcoming year is developed.  Planning is critical to keep our business viable, especially in this economy.  Lucky for us, we are able to rely on family, friends, and our customers.  The vision for 2024 is lifted from the input of our customers and developed around that input by the family inside and outside the day-to-day business.  As a large family with lots of diverse experiences, skills, and lots of kids, we have a built-in sounding board for all the new things Cheers N Paint might consider.  

With ideas in hand, the Cheers N Paint Team pulls together to carefully plan the calendar of events, to get advertising in place early, and to once again make sure Cheers N Paint is prepared to meet the expectations of its customers.  We are proud that as of January 9, 2024, our summer camp schedule was on the website, registration is open, curriculum outlined, and we are ready to go. 

Ready to sign up for Summer Art Camp in 2024?

Kid’s Summer Camp

Track Out Art Camp in 2024

A demand for track-out camp weeks brought us a week full of camps in January from the town of Raleigh.  We now offer track-out camps to any customer who brings us 5 campers.  This idea came from a customer who wanted a camp for a few kids in her child’s class during a track out week.  We developed the camp just for them, then advertised it and some other kids signed up for that camp.  The more the merrier we’ve found with camp!  A perfect example of how our customers can drive the bus.

Enough about the kids, what about our adult customers? 

Cheers N Paint Adult Art Classes

Family Art Classes In Cary, Nc

Well at Cheers N Paint we know the staple of the business are adult paint and sip nights.  We offer couples paintings and singles paintings.  But we have expanded our offerings to include paint your pet classes and acrylic pour art.  We have added new and more sophisticated canvas offerings developed by our artists. 

Paint and sip classes are stress busters for our customers.  They spend two hours in a non-judgmental and supportive environment away from phones, TVs, and other stress-creators. We pride ourselves on being able to give people a chance to take a break from their day-to-day demands.  We make it so easy for you too.   Just go to the website and pick a painting at a day and time convenient for you.  You can even BYOB, bring your favorite wine, beer, or seltzer (nothing over 16 proof), favorite snacks, and friends, and when the class is over, leave the cleaning to us.  It’s a great way to spend a night out with friends or time on a cold Sunday afternoon in the winter. 

Chunky Blanket Class, A Art Class In Cary At Cheers N Paint In Cary, Nc

We offer a DIY chunky blanket class too for our crafty customers.  And we are looking into some new crafts classes, stay tuned and watch our website for more details.

Join us for our upcoming Chunky Yarn Blanket Class

Chunky Yarn Blanket – DIY – In Person February Class

The proof of our success has been our many repeat customers and our five-star ratings.  Thank you to all who’ve helped make our business what it is today.  We look forward to keeping Cheers N Paint a fun and creative place to be!  Come make some memories with us!


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